Regardless if you are managing a database or not, it’s always good to make backup copies of your website. This can prevent a myriad of problems and help in a speedy recovery in the event of a disaster.

Among all the things that phpMyAdmin can do, performing a database backup is arguably the most important. As mentioned, the database contains the meat and potatoes of your website, you do not want to lose it. Therefore, you should perform regular backups and always back up your database before updating WordPress or making any other big changes to your website.

To create a backup of your database, you have two options available: export or a plugin.

Exporting Your Database

PhpMyAdmin has  a built-in feature to back up your information. When logged into the tool, you’ll see a tab along the top labeled, “Export.”

backups database - export

When you click this tab, you’re provided with a couple of options:

backups database - export

Export Method: Determine if you want to customize the backup by selecting options yourself or simply do a quick copy. This allows you to select any tables you wish in the event you don’t want to do a total backup.

Format: Choose which format you want the tables saved. If you want to recover, it is easier to select the option for SQL.

Using a Plugin

Keeping regular backups of your WordPress site is the best thing you can do for your WordPress security. While the WordPress database contains majority of your site information, it still lacks a fairly important element, images. All your images are stored in the uploads folder in your /wp-content/ directory. Even though the database has the information which image is attached where in the post, it is useless if the image folder doesn’t have those files.

Often beginners think that the database backup is all what they need. It is NOT true. You need to have a full site backup that includes your themes, plugins, and images. No, most hosting company do not keep daily backups.

WordPress has an abundance of quality plugins for backing up a website. The hardest part is picking which one to use because all of theme have excellent functionality.

You can refer to the best and free backup plugins for WordPress here.

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