You Cannot Login to WordPress Admin Area? How to fix this issue.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform. However, some recent of the WordPress users complain about the login problem. They feel very frustrated when stuck in the WordPress login round. This error started to haunt them recently, even though you sign-in using the correct credentials each time.

If you are having trouble logging in to your WordPress Administration Panels. In this guide, I will be going over the common WordPress login issues, explain why their might occur and offer appropriate solutions.

Common Symptoms :

  • You login and then you see an error message.
  • You try to login to WordPress admin area and the screen stays the same.
  • WordPress redirects to the index page even though you have entered the correct user and password. So, we can not access dashboard without error message.

Why does not WordPress let you login?

To understand why not to login to WordPress (although both username and password are correct), we need to get a glimpse of its login process.

WordPress places a cookie in the browser to authenticate the login session.This cookie is set for the WordPress Address (URL) in the Settings section of the Dashboard. If you visit from a URL unlike in Settings, WordPress will not allow you to log in (also known as a failed authentication session).

fix can't login wordpress

In the picture above, WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are the same

Fix can’t login wordpress.

In case of access to the Dahboard, the fix is also quite simple. You just need to modify the URL of Site Address and WordPress Address for the same is okay. Log in to the Dashboard and look for Settings => General, then edit the URL for the same.

The problem is if you are experiencing errors and can not access the Dashboard then how ?

There are two major causes of this problem : Lost or Forgotten Password and another type of login error is when your login page keeps refreshing and redirecting it back to the login screen.

No need to panic! Depending on the issue you are having, there are a few simple steps you can take to get back into your dashboard.

We will update the article and try to make this a complete user guide for fixing this problem. In the next guide, we will  go over the common login problems above and their fixes.